Trefecta RDR

The Trefecta RDR is the ideal eBike to take on a challenging off-road trail and yet with the road kit installed the RDR is the fast and relaxed solution for your every day inter-urban commutes. The Trefecta RDR offers you best value for Performance, Range and Design without compromising on the values the Trefecta brand is known for: offering you the ultimate riding experience with the freedom to go where you want, when you want.

Taking the Trefecta RDR on an adventure

See the Trefecta RDR in action before ordering one yourself!

Excellent riding dynamics

Offering you a longer lasting 50.4v, 1480Wh / 34Ah battery pack to provide you with staggering range of approximately 200 km, a powerful mid-engine motor delivering 120 nm of torque, hydraulic callipers with floating disc brakes and optionally the world’s first integrated high performance eBike ABS (Preventing the front wheel from locking up and the rear wheel from lifting under braking).

Unmatched performance

The new Trefecta RDR uses either a 250w, 500w or 920w mid-drive motor from German brand TQ. Whichever power output you choose there’s a stunning 120Nm of torque available. That’s more than twice what some mid-drive motors will provide.

Design 100%
Range 100%
Power 100%

Watch the RDR in every detail

The Trefecta RDR, with optional integrated ABS, is the most powerful eBike on the market and offers the most value based on performance, range and design.

Why Choose Us?


1480 wh battery pack with integrated BMS CE/UN certified.


Range of up to 200 km.

45 km / h

Motor assistance up to 45 km /h (28 mph)


ApplePlay prepared dock.

At first glance, the Trefecta RDR seems on the heavy side for an eBike, but as soon as you ride it, it is the ideal weight distribution that you feel and ensures that the balance is optimal. Even as the inexperienced mountain biker that I am, I became familiar with the Trefecta RDR in a short time and you can quickly explore your limits on and off the track.

Alex van den Broek - Dutch and European Trial and Enduro (Gold-Pro class) champion, participant Sixdays of Enduro, finisher Paris Dakar Rally