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The new Trefecta RDR uses either a 250w, 500w or 920w mid-drive motor from German brand TQ. Whichever power output you choose there’s a stunning 120Nm of torque available. That’s more than twice what some mid-drive motors will provide.

Offering you a longer lasting 50.4v, 1480Wh / 34Ah battery pack to provide you with staggering range of approximately 200 km, a powerful mid-engine motor delivering 120 nm of torque, hydraulic callipers with floating disc brakes and the world’s first integrated high performance eBike ABS (Preventing the front wheel from locking up and the rear wheel from lifting under braking), optional electronically controlled front fork and rear damper.

Trefecta RDR Geometry

Trefecta RDR in detail