Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. Please get in touch with us if you have any other questions.

How many models are there?

The Trefecta comes in 3 models:

DRT: heavy duty up-side-down double legged front fork for the most challenging terrains
URB: single leg front fork for the comfortable urban ride
RDR: designed to have the capability of tackling almost any terrain and commute you in style

Do you need a helmet?

Trefecta advices to wear a helmet at all times for safety matters. In Pedelec mode (25 km/h) a helmet is not obligatory but also depends on local laws and regulations.

Where is the bike being build?

The Trefecta is being built in Hillegom, the Netherlands, which is near Schiphol Airport and Amsterdam.

Where can I buy it?

The Trefecta can be purchased through our on-line web shop.

Why is the price of the Trefecta DRT so high?

The Trefecta is designed and build to the highest standards possible when it comes to durability, drivability and environmental standards. This to create the ultimate e-bike as a sustainable alternative to the car in densely populated areas and for recreational purposes. We have taken a lot of care to create a real high-end value proposition. In the case of a normal e-bike, the real cost of manufacturing the product you receive is approximately 20% of that which you pay as a consumer. In our case we have decided to turn that around; 80% of the final price represents the cost of manufacturing the Trefecta DRT excluding the cost of development and investment in tooling etc. If we priced our products like the rest of the industry the DRT would cost around EUR 50.000. This fact alone gives you extraordinary value despite the high-end nature of the product. Further, our product has a long life span as it was designed for daily professional military and police use. Thus over time the total cost of ownership per km driven is very low.

How does the sales process work?

Filling out the order form is the first step in the buying process. After we receive the filled in web form we will contact you directly to discuss your choices and help to specify your own Trefecta.

Alternatively you are always welcome to visit us at our facilities in The Netherlands to specify a completely bespoke Trefecta just for you.

Once this step is completed we will ask you to make a 50% deposit to build your order. The remaining 50% will be due before shipping. Our prices are ex. VAT shipping and handling which means any relevant VAT and or import duties will have to be paid upon arrival in your country. This is usually arranged by the shipping agent directly.

Is it road legal?

The Trefecta is road legal when purchased in Pedelec or Speed Pedelec mode. This is a European Type approval that also is recognised in Australia and Switzerland.

Once the customer has bought the Trefecta in a road legal version (Pedelec or Speed Pedelec) the customer is responsible for the registration and obtaining the license plate. In the Benelux this can be arranged by our partner Louwman Exclusive. Our future distribution partners will be able to provide the same service.

How old is the company?

The Trefecta company and brand was founded in 2014 after 2 years of research, development and engineering of the Trefecta eBike family by eMobility Concepts of Switzerland which was founded in 2012.

Do you need any distributors?

Trefecta is always on the look out for possible distributors around the globe. If you have any ideas or a business proposition do not hesitate to contact us at: info@trefectamobility.com

Where can I test the bike?

The Trefecta can be tested at our dealers or by appointment at our facility in Hillegom, The Netherlands and in Zug, Switzerland. Furthermore tailor-made appointments can be arranged depending on the country and travel time. For further information please write to: info@trefectamobility.com

How do you operate a Trefecta?

The Trefecta is an electric bicycle with a Parallel Human Electric Hybrid Synchronised Powertrain the Trefecta HSP 2-14. The Trefecta can be operated by either use of the throttle or by pedalling (Torque and speed sensor in bottom bracket) or both simultaneously.

How fast does it go?

The Trefecta DRt and URB have 3 speed levels:
25 km/h (Pedelec)
45 km/h (Speed Pedelec)
70 km/h (non road legal)

How much power does it have?

The Trefecta DRT and URB electrical engine delivers a maximum of 4000 Watts and a continuous power of 2500-3000 Watts.

Is it a chain or a belt drive?

The Trefecta has both chain and belt working together to drive the eBike.

How much warranty do you give?

The Trefecta comes with a life long warranty on the frame and a 20.000 kilometre or two year warranty on the drive train.

Is it easy to maintain?

The Trefecta is maintained like any other ordinary bike. You have the wear and tear of your tires and brakes and the occasional tensioning of the chain. Cleaning is very easy as all components are protected from the environment.

Does it have sat nav?

The Trefecta is outfitted with either a IPod 5 or a IPhone 5c. With the IPhone there are multiple sat nav Apps available in the Appstore.

What is the range?

The Trefecta has a maximum range of approximately 120 kilometres. This is achieved when operated in Custom mode (45 km/h) and the combined use of pedalling and throttle.

How do I lock it?

The Trefecta can best be locked with a separately purchased bike lock. You can pair the Trefecta with your mobile device. If you walk away from the Trefecta it will cut off the electronic power. However, it still can be physically moved and or carried. Trefecta strongly advises a separate bike lock to secure the vehicle.

Can you charge the battery while in the bike?

The Trefecta can be charged when the battery is inside the vehicle but we strongly do not recommend this. The safest way is to charge the Trefecta with the battery outside the bike.

Does the bike have re-generation?

The Trefecta DRt and URB have re-generation. During each braking action with either the left and or right brake lever re-generation is activated.

Does the bike need service and on what interval?

Trefecta advises to give the bike 2 services per year. During these services the drive train will be serviced and soft ware, if needed, will be updated.