Trefecta Bespoke

No compromises were made in the construction of the bike; only the very finest materials were used. This includes exceptionally strong wheels that are made from lightweight carbon fibre that can handle the intensity of any landscape. Smart battery technology combined with the Formula One™ inspired regenerative braking system gives the bike remarkable range. Handlebar mounted controls and an integrated smartphone dock offers the highest functionality without losing control for a split second. And this is just a glimpse of the advanced and innovative solutions that make Trefecta such a unique vehicle.

Trefecta Bespoke Edition comes in two versions. The DRT is designed for off-road use under the most extreme conditions and comes in an off-road and a speed pedelec version. The URB is designed for urban use and will be offered in a L1E and a speed pedelec version.

Trefecta DRT

Trefecta DRT

Nothing comes even close

The DRT Off-road is the untamed beast. The absence of any compromise ensures this e-bike transcends all that has come before it. After experiencing the capabilities of the off-road, its purpose becomes irrelevant. Every inch optimized to perfection. Every piece of material the best of its sort. Make sure to check out the specification list underneath. Some say it reads like an engineer’s Christmas list.

Trefecta URB

The classiest way from A to B.

The URB speed pedelec gives a whole new meaning to the phenomenon ‘city bike’. It swops car capsulation and traffic jams for the ultimate sense of freedom. Its single fork and ingenuous design offers the most sophisticated way of being green. A head-turner ready to redefine mobility.

Trefecta URB



A state-of-the-art pedelec system enhances the transitionof human input to power output with supreme efficiency.Trefecta is the true hybrid, with the human torquedominant at low speeds and the use of motor power to comfortably reach high speeds


The frame is designed to the highest standards, without compromising on style. Machined and injection moulded aerospace grade aluminium, it results in a frame that is foldable and sets the weight for the bike at 38 kg. This gives the bike the strength to parallel the expected demands.


Trefecta wheels are exceptionally strong and lightweightdue to their advanced design and carbon fibre construction. The interchangeable front and rear wheels feature quick release mechanisms, allowing for easy repair and storage. The off-road downhill tyres are robust and give the highest level of grip on any surface. This way, the rider is always in complete control.


Intelligent engineering provides for minimal frame movement that results in superior manoeuvrability whilst maintaining a comfortable riding experience. The suspension can be adapted to the needs of the rider by an adjustable fork of which the stiffness settings can be electronically altered via the handlebar controls or by the Trefecta smartphone app.


Having complete control is key to really maximise Trefecta’s potential. A custom designed digital management control system handles the vast number of on-board sensors that send data to the rider on the backlit handlebar display and smartphone app. All the essential ride data like speed, distance, range, mode, gear, battery life indicators and suspension settings are shown. Fly-by-wire handlebar controls offer instant adjustments to the throttle, suspension stiffness, gear selection and various other trip functions.


The 4 KW (Peak) HSP2-14 (Hybrid Synchronised Powertrain) creates the heart of the bike. A Rohloff speedhub is skilfully combined with a patented Smesh™ gearbox. Hydraulically controlled and automatically shifting, it lets the eMotor perform excellently, whether you are looking for efficiency or performance. It also allows for optimum gear selection for the rider independently of the eMotor, thereby getting the most from human power too. Hence, the true hybrid. The bike can reach a top speed of 70 km/h and handle a total payload of up to 150 kg. The fly-by-wire controls further distinguish Trefecta from the rest of the class.


Trefecta has developed a variety of bikes with several power options that suit all riding needs. Whether the rider is an urban commuter looking for a power efficient roadbike or an adventurer requiring unlimited power for the roughest landscapes, Trefecta has the perfect bike to suit.


The highly advanced Li-ion battery technology provides a range of over 100 km over mixed terrain. This remarkable feature makes Trefecta unsurpassed across the field. The performance is further enhanced by an innovative proportional regenerative brake system that extends the range of Trefecta significantly. For longer rides, aneasy interchangeable battery pack makes sure the range of the vehicle can be extended to match

The Road

``The road must eventually lead to the whole world.``