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Trefecta Collection

Trefecta’s aim is to create the game, instead of changing it. By focusing on true innovation we create the norm and set the standard for the products of tomorrow. In our opinion the only way to truly differentiate is to start with a clean sheet. This way we stand out from the crowd and make the impact we envisioned from the start. This vision translates itself in our collection.

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Trefecta Bespoke

Trefecta Bespoke Edition comes in two versions. The DRT is designed for off-road use under the most extreme conditions and comes in an off-road and a speed pedelec version. The URB is designed for urban use and will be offered in a L1E and a speed pedelec version.

Trefecta RDR

The Trefecta RDR is a more affordable version of our famous Trefecta Bespoke serie. This eMTB has been designed to have the capability of tackling almost any terrain and commute you in style thanks to sophisticated suspension and a powerful motor with an unusually large battery. Go anywhere, do anything!

Trefecta RDR terrain
Light Tactical Vehicle


The Trefecta eBikes have been developed with the specific demands of professional military and law enforcement users in mind. Daily use of our eBikes under extreme conditions is possible, due to the use of high-end, durable materials like 7075 aerospace grade aluminium, giving its rider the reliability and performance needed for harsh environments. Trefecta is currently the only available lightweight, mixed terrain and green mobility and patrol solution for public services on the market.

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