Trefecta offers an all-in mobility solution to public and professional services

Trefecta Professional

The Trefecta eBikes have been developed with the specific demands of professional military and law enforcement users in mind. Daily use of our eBikes under extreme conditions is possible, due to the use of high-end, durable materials like 7075 aerospace grade aluminium, giving its rider the reliability and performance needed for harsh environments. The motor can be utilized as much or as little as the rider prefers. It has many levels of pedal assist to power the ride resulting in a safer and more efficient patrol.

Trefecta is currently the only available lightweight, mixed terrain and green mobility and patrol solution for public services on the market.

Trefecta guarantees easy maintenance and use of their eBikes for at least 100.000 km (the lifecycle of a Trefecta batterypack) – frame and drivetrain are intended for use over 20 years.

Trefecta is currently active in several military and police test programs including testing with five NATO countries.



Light Tactical Vehicle (LTV-EV)

Trefecta Professional Advantages

One of the advantages of using the Trefecta eBike as a Light Tactical Vehicle (LTV-EV) is it provides single occupancy transportation at a significantly lower Operating Expenditures (OPEX) than traditional vehicles.

Without the need for traditional fuel, like with a motorcycle, the Trefecta eBike could be resupplied a number of ways. Smaller fleets for example could receive power by the sun, using the Trefecta Solar-Container able to hold a maximum of eight eBikes with all necessary tooling, spare parts and charging equipment, to recharge the battery..

A Trefecta eBike would also have a tactical advantage being considerably quieter than traditional (diesel) vehicles, which would make them more difficult to detect. Making it an effective “sneak and peak” vehicle, able to sneak up and quietly observe without being detected.

Overall Trefecta eBikes offer several advantages over fueled vehicles. They are quiet, don’t give off exhaust or heat, and aren’t powered by highly flammable liquids. They are simple to maintain and are an inexpensive option that even provides ample tactical advantages.


Originally developed for military use the Trefecta is designed to meet the most rigorous specifications and can be used for border patrol, MP use for security patrols, sniper deployment, and stealthy transportation from drop zones.

No exhaust and exceptionally stealthy, Trefecta offers unique tactical advantages. The 100% electric powertrain offers riders the ability to rapidly move over rugged technical terrain while making virtually no noise and emitting no smell. The Trefecta is completely silent when stopped and can accelerate quick to it’s topspeed.

Being able to cut out the need to transport fuel and given the fact that a Trefecta would also be simpler to maintain then a combustion engine, using a Trefecta creates less of a burden on the supply chain and reduces the logistical challenges of combat forces.

Trefecta Military
trefecta police

Law Enforcement

Trefecta offers many advantages to municipal law enforcement agencies. Capable of tackling all terrain with its heavy duty construction and versatility of the powerful electric motor. The Trefecta eBike can go over stairs, through curbs, off road, and between vehicles at a speed that is unparalleled and with great maneuverability, resulting in faster response times over variable terrain from congested urban areas to rural areas. Patrolling by Trefecta eBike can be easily integrated in for example targeted enforcement, surveillance, traffic enforcement and public order.

The Trefecta eBike is obviously much faster and utilitarian than regular pedal bikes and won’t require the same kind of upfront investment or upkeep as electric motorcycles.

Not unimportantly patrolling by eBike evokes less resistance than a patrol car resulting in more then twice as many contacts with the public and less negative perceptions.

National Parks / State Parks

Protecting & conserving fish & wildlife resources reducing the impact on the environment and the carbon footprint by using Trefecta zero-emissions eBikes.

In addition the Trefecta eBike will provide many tactical advantages for rangers for example creating less noise allowing the user to approach targets, regardless of whether they are humans or animals, much more stealthily without being detrimental to the local flora and fauna

Using a Trefecta eBike gives the user the ability to patrol back country and enables the rider to go farther, faster, and quieter than traditional means. Plus the ability to haul extra gear via our bike trailer.

Get into off-road areas faster, quieter and with minimal scent. Reach areas that are not possible to get in and out of effectively with traditional vehicles.

Trefecta park ranger






Professional purposes

Trefecta’s suitability for business opportunities finds its roots in what triggered the development of the vehicle. A fascination for mobility, in combination with the desire for an e-vehicle that ought to meet the highest standards, makes it suit most professional purposes. Advanced engineering and the uncompromising use of materials make it tackle rough terrains and cover great lengths. Moreover, the folding feature and travel case make it especially suitable for storage and easy transportation.

Trefecta offers a wide variety of fleet potential. Big industrial, logistics and transportation companies can use the Trefecta to utilize their human resources more efficiently. Airport employees will increase productivity by covering the distances with greater speed. Emergency services find ways to adhere to the increased versatility of their jobs.

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