The delightfully insane Trefecta RDR electric bike

The delightfully insane Trefecta RDR electric bike was designed for the police but can soon be yours: Go anywhere, do anything e-bike

From BikeRadar

Trefecta is set to crowdfund a more affordable version of its colossally powerful electric bike that BikeRadar first saw a few years ago. The new Trefecta RDR — spotted at Eurobike 2019 — sticks to many of the principles of Trefecta’s first electric bike effort but does so at a significantly lower price. Originally designed for use within police forces who couldn’t afford the staggering $25,000 starting price of Trefecta’s first bike, the Trefecta RDR model shown here in its prototype form is set to retail for around €10,000 when it goes live on Indiegogo in October. The bike has been designed to have the capability of tackling almost any terrain thanks to sophisticated suspension, a powerful motor with an unusually large battery and the ability to carry heavy loads

Rather than the insane 4Kw powerplant fitted to the DRT, the new bike uses either a 250w, 500w or 920w mid-drive motor from German brand TQ. Whichever power output you choose there’s a whopping 120Nm of torque on tap. That’s more than twice what some mid-drive motors will provide.

Trefecta RDR Prototype battery

All that go requires some serious juice but the Trefecta RDR doesn’t come up short on battery power thanks to a 34 amp hour cell that slides into place beneath a locked compartment at the bike’s high pressure moulded aluminium mainframe. Trefecta isn’t putting out any official claims for this bike’s battery range yet but BikeRadar was told that the 34kg RDR should provide at least 200km of range.

The transmission features a Gates Carbon Drive belt to transfer power to an electronic Enviolo hub gear — a development of the continuously variable electronic components sold by Nuvinci. The keen-eyed amongst you will recognise lots of standard bicycle components fitted to the Trefecta frame, many of which come from partner Magura. There’s an upside-down Magura Boltron fork and matching TS rear shock. Magura also provides the brakes and its Vyron electronic dropper seatpost.

The wheels, tyres, cranks and contact points are all regular mountain bike components too, helping to reduce the costs considerably from the bespoke parts fitted to the bike’s bigger brother. It helps to reduce weight too, and helps the RDR total a claimed 34kg. Adjustable hardware for the lower shock mount allows a rider to tailor the bike’s handling and 26in wheels — rather than the standard 27.5in — can be fitted to better accommodate smaller riders.

The Trefecta RDR is even rated to carry up to 150kg of payload and can do so via a range of forthcoming suspended and unsuspended racks.

 Whether or not you’re convinced by the RDR, it’ll be fascinating to see how many riders will back such a machine when it is crowdfunded later this year.
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Mark Blundell Returns to the Grid with Trefecta

He drove with Senna, Berger, and Häkkinen, has won Le Mans and three IndyCar races. Trefecta is proud to announce it’s partnership with Mark Blundell, who will be returning to elite-level motor racing. Running with Shaun Hollamby’s AmD Tuning team in the Kwik Fit British Touring Car Championship (BTCC).

Trefecta and Mark Blundell join an exceptional dedication and passion for racing and engineering. Always pushing all boundaries to get the maximum result. When margins are slim the car must be engineered to perfection. Same with Trefecta, the unique interaction between design, power and function results in a multi-purposed vehicle offering an unique riding experience, ultimate freedom and customized to every need.

The former Formula One star will take it to the grid for the first time in six years. Getting behind the wheel of the Trade Price Racing Cars Audi S3 saloon and tasked with taking on the UK’s highest-profile domestic racing series in what will be his first ever touring car campaign. Competing in one of the most competitive championships in the world is a new experience but Blundell likes a good challenge, after all he has the slogan ‘The Will To Win’ emblazoned on the back of his crash helmet.

Delighted to have the support of Trefecta ahead of his debut season, Mark Blundell is proud to be flying the Trefecta flag.

“It’s brilliant to be able to get Trefecta on board for the upcoming season. They are a company that I have admired for a long time and one that sets new standards in their industry. There are lots of ways that we can support their efforts this year and beyond and we look forward to a positive working relationship.”

Trefecta, acting as personal sponsor of Mark, will be providing a Trefecta DRT Pro Edition in Mark’s personal colours to drive around the circuit. We are sure that he will be driving around with a grin on his face, and that means a lot from a guy that has driven all kind of motorized vehicles!

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Trefecta at Bright

DEFLAB, an exihibition of modern technology to prepare us for threats of the future. Over 3,000 young visitors went to the National Military Museum in Soest, the Netherlands for a glimpse into the world of defense technology.

The Ministry of Defense did a great job of allowing visitors to experience how technology connects the armed forces and society. From a mini-drone that explores the battlefield, an exoskeleton, hydrogen transport, 3d-print material from recycled uniforms and off course the ultimate e-bike, the TREFECTA.

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Investing in a sustainable future

Hard work, vision and dedication have led to the development and production of an ultimate eBike: the Trefecta DRT and URB series. We believe in the combination of function, power and design in delivering the perfect mobility solution for a sustainable future. Not only for professional use under extreme conditions, but also for everyday use by any biker, on and off road. This video makes clear that ROBECO and Trefecta share a vision for the future – we are proud to be chosen as a perfect example of combining sustainability and performance. Now is the time to invest in our future – become a Trefecta partner!

A special thanks to ROBECO, for their beautiful promo on sustainable investment.

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Ultimate Forces Challenge

The Ultimate Forces Challenge is a unique outdoor sports and survival competition designed to test a number of physical disciplines and exercises to challenge the contenders skills and perseverance. Trefecta supported one of the tests with the Trefecta DRT on the beautiful beach of Bali.

Visit for more information the UFC website here

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BluBrake ABS for an exiting yet safe riding experience

Trefecta Mobility is happy to announce its partnership with BluBrake. Both companies are driven by innovation and are the top in technology and engineering, with the aim to create the ultimate e-bike.

BluBrake is a leading company that develops and produces advanced mechatronic systems focused on braking and sensing applications for bicycles, in particular e-bikes. Their anti-lock braking system (ABS) weighs only 600 grams and will be integrated into the TREFECTA eBike’s frame. This will drastically increase safety by reducing the risk of: front wheel lock-up, rear wheel lifting and the bike flipping over as well as improving overall stability and manoeuvrability during braking.

The control unit monitors the dynamics of the e-bike via sophisticated algorithms and accurate measurements from the rotation sensor. It automatically detects potentially dangerous conditions that can occur during hard braking. In such conditions, BluBrake’s ABS intervenes and continuously controls the hydraulic pressure of the front brake to guarantee smoother braking and increased stability and manoeuvrability of the e-bike on asphalt and off-road.

This unique interaction between TREFECTA and BluBrake contributes immensely to the continuous development of the TREFECTA eBike model program by providing an exiting yet safe riding experience customisable for all use cases.

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Trefecta and White Label Events: driving the most amazing roads

Trefecta Mobility is happy to announce its partnership with White Label Events. Both companies offer, in their own way, an inspiring experience for fans of technology, speed and exclusivity. Two luxury brands striving to deliver a seamless and inspirational experience to their clients.

White Label Events is a small, flexible, end-to-end event planner that cater for every event, no matter how large or creative for the world’s leading brands to elite individuals.

With the 106 Drivers Club, founded in 2012 by Ray Bellm, they host unique automotive adventures for the McLaren F1 to celebrate anniversaries of the iconic car. Enabling owners to enjoy their cars in a social environment in luxury destinations. With these automotive adventures, they created and execute luxury, social driving events where like-minded people share their passion and experiences in incredible locations across the world.

Trefecta will sponsor two Pro Edition Trefecta DRT’s for White Label Events to use by the team during the RING ROAD, Iceland 2019 drive. Driving the most amazing roads with stunning scenery and fast cars. And you will see the special White Label Events Trefecta bikes during their appearances in several events in the UK, Monaco and during the Formula E – Electric Street Racing Series.

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Trefecta and Privaira: Freedom to choose when and where to go

Trefecta Mobility is happy to announce its partnership with Privaira. Two luxury brands striving to enhance the customer experience with a focus on quality and safety. Riding a Trefecta eBike and flying private with Privaira share one important similarity: Freedom to choose when and where to go. Whether it is on a moment’s notice with access to your own private jet or by riding your Trefecta eBike the way you like it: enjoying its off-road capabilities or in and around the city fast and in style. You are in charge!

Privaira, headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, is a private air charter company focused on distinctive individuals and companies who fly private. Specialized in on-demand air charter service, aircraft management and maintenance of private jets. Privaira operates a diversified fleet of business jets ranging from turbo-props to long-range, large cabin aircraft.

Trefecta, headquartered in The Netherlands, aim is to create the game, instead of changing it. Through advanced engineering and intelligent design they aim to develop unsurpassed excellence. The unique interaction between design, power and function results in a multi-purposed vehicle. Ultimately, providing a riding experience, freedom of any constraints and customized to every need.

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Trefecta and the VeloX 8 in action

Sunday, the 5th of August Trefecta supported the Human Power Team during their rollout of the VeloX 8 at the Dutch Defense Woensdrecht Airbase.

The Human Power Team is a team with students from the Delft University of Technology and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam supported by the Defensity College. Their aim is to push the limits of human capabilities and break the women’s human powered speed record, currently at 121.8 km/h. To achieve this they built a highly aerodynamic recumbent bicycle, the VeloX 8.

During the rollout, the biggest training and testing moment for the Human Power Team, the Trefecta team was asked to show the capabilities of the Trefecta on the runway of the military airforce base. The team attracted a lot of attention riding full speed at almost 90 km/h in front of press and public.

After the runs the several people could try the Trefecta for themselves especially representatives from the military were highly interested. After all the Trefecta eBikes have been developed with the specific demands of professional military and law enforcement users in mind.


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Forest rangers enthusiastic about Trefecta

In the first 2 weeks of July the forest rangers from Staatsbosbeheer on Terschelling will be riding on the Trefecta eBike. Both in the forest and on the beach environmentally friendly, durable and fossil-free! All in the context of the Elfwegentocht which is an initiative to challenge everyone in the province of Friesland and the Dutch Wadden Islands to travel on non-fossil fuels for two weeks.

Ranger Saskia Vis-Smit was one of the first to try the Trefecta: “Super experience this afternoon on the Trefecta, what a power in the terrain”

Van 1-14 juli rijden de boswachters van Staatsbosbeheer op Terschelling op de Trefecta eBike. Zowel in het bos als op het strand milieuvriendelijk en met gemak duin op en af. Duurzaam en fossielvrij! Dit in het kader van de De Elfwegentocht, een initiatief om iedereen in de provincie Friesland en de Waddeneilanden uit te dagen twee weken op niet-fossiele brandstoffen te reizen.

Boswachter Saskia Vis-Smit was een van de eersten die de Trefecta mocht uitproberen: “Super ervaring vanmiddag op de Trefecta, wat een kracht in het terrein”



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