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Elektro Rad 08-2022

In the latest edition of Elektro Rad, a well-known German magazine about e-bikes, an extensive profile of Trefecta.

From the start in 2013, the Bespoke and RDR series, the performance to the current state of affairs of the professional series. The entire article can be downloaded as a PDF below (only in German). A short summary:

The Trefecta owes its martial appearance to the fact that it was originally developed for the military. The bulky hull is more like a motorcycle – which it is, given its performance. This powerhouse is considered to be one of the most extravagant e-bikes.

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Trefecta e-bikes used in exercise Falcon Autumn

Last month exercise Falcon Autumn 2022 took place in the Netherlands. Over 1,000 troops and 37 helicopters from three nations trained together to prepare for large airborne operations. Trefecta supplied a number of their military grade e-bikes to the 11 (NL) 11 Air Manoeuvre Brigade to support reconnaissance missions, Helicopter Landing Sites Operations, Drop Zone Operations and Forward Arming and Refueling Point Operations.
Thanks to the Trefecta e-bikes, the units are able to spread out over the area more quickly and prepare for possible drops more efficiently and stealthy transportation from drop zones. No exhaust and exceptionally stealthy, the e-bikes offers unique tactical advantages.
The Trefecta eBikes have been developed with the specific demands of professional military and law enforcement users in mind. Daily use of our eBikes under extreme conditions is possible, due to the use of high-end, durable materials like 7075 aerospace grade aluminium, giving its rider the reliability and performance needed for harsh environments. The motor can be utilized as much or as little as the rider prefers. It has many levels of pedal assist to power the ride resulting in a safer and more effective mission.
For more information about our professional e-bikes and its advantages visit our professional page here.
Trefecta Falcon Autumn
Picture taken by Harry Hulshof for Defensiekrant
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