Trefecta RDR first speed pedelec with frame-integrated ABS

Last month, Stromer announced that their new model will be equipped with a frame-integrated ABS. News? Not for us and our fans as the Trefecta RDR has been available with the fully integrated Blubrake ABS system inside the frame since the beginning of this year!

Surveys show that 58% of the accidents involving e-bikes happen during braking and 24% are related to braking. 39% of fall events are caused by the front wheel lock up, 25% by a loss of balance. Blubrake ABS drastically reduces the risk of front wheel lock-up and rear wheel lift-off and guarantees a safer cycling experience. A cutting edge innovation between Blubrake and Trefecta which was co-developed specifically for our eBikes during 2018 and 2019 for the 2020 model year.

More value for money

So why is it news now that Stromer offers it and is the media reporting that it is the first speed pedelec with an integrated ABS system? Did they not pay attention when we introduced the Trefecta RDR? The explanation is simple; Stromer has a bigger marketing budget and therefore a greater reach in connecting with media and the consumer. Where we as Trefecta mainly spend our money on innovations and the quality of our bicycles, Stromer puts that part of its budget into marketing.

Does that make a Stromer an inferior bike? Not for us to say, but if we compare the Stromer ST5 ABS with the Trefecta RDR with ABS, the differences are obvious and the full option Trefecta RDR with ABS for €12’200 offers a lot better value for money than the Stromer ST5 ABS.

Why wait?

The Stromer ST5 ABS is scheduled for launch in June 2021, but why wait when you can already drive a Trefecta RDR? Contact us for more information about the Trefecta RDR and we would be more then happy to assist you in choosing the perfect Trefecta RDR for you.

Comparison Table Trefecta RDR – Stromer ST5 ABS

RANGE 200 km – 45 km/h 180 km – 45 km/h
MOTOR POWER 920W / 120nm 500W / 100nm
BATTERY 1480 wh 983 wh
CHARGE TIME 80% – 1hr / 100% 3hr
GEARBOX IGH stepless X
ROAD KIT V (option)
BASIC PRICE (in Euros) 10.890 9.590
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A homage to the Ferrari Pista – Trefecta URB Special

At Trefecta we have already been able to deliver a lot of beautiful and special bikes in our history, but this is a very special one. A homage to the Ferrari Pista.
Petrol heads will know that The Ferrari 488 Pista is powered by the most powerful V8 engine in the Maranello marque’s history and is the company’s special series sports car with the highest level of technological transfer from racing. In fact the name, meaning ’track’ in Italian, was chosen specifically to testify to Ferrari’s unparalleled heritage in motor sports.
Like the Ferrari the Trefecta URB is a perfect compromise between man and machine. The URB is an engineering “Tour de Force” with single sided adaptive suspension front and rear. This is otherwise only found on the most exotic of machines! The URB front fork has a tapered down tube which was developed using FEM structural analysis. More than a simple electric bike, URB Speed Pedelec is a mix of technologies and connectivity. Built with the highest materials with high-performing components, the bike offers unique high-end functionalities.
The bike effectiveness is at its peak as the biker uses its strength to pedal at low-speed, and when the engine propels him at high speeds. The engine is a 4 kW HSP2-4 model, a true hybrid combined to a Smesh gearbox. It can reach a top speed of 75 km/h. Thanks to its Li-ion battery the ride can last for approximately 100km. The bike has an aluminium frame as well as carbon fibre wheels, all lightweight components that allow it to be more powerful wherever in city or on less practicable roads.
This Trefecta URB Pista will stand out thanks to its Modena extraordinary paint scheme with black racing stripes. The paint is the famous Ferrari Giallo Triplo Strato. A tri coat paint that contains a solid yellow undercoat and a pearl yellow basecoat.
Besides it’s beautiful paint job this Trefecta URB homage “Ferrari Pista” has been completed with the following components:
• Supernova M99 Pro
• Honis rear light saddle mounted
• Saddle dropper
• Ergon Carbon Pro saddle in black leather
• Carbon fibre rear mudguard
• Carbon fibre kickstand
• Carbon fibre front fork servo cover
• Schwalbe Crazy Bob tyres
• Trefecta folding stand
• Trefecta complete tool kit
• Spare tubes and brake pads
We wish the new owner a lot of pleasure with this extraordinary Trefecta and we are reluctantly saying goodbye to this bike on it’s way to its final destination in the USA.
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