Best electric bikes 2020: e-bikes for the road, commute and mountain biking reviewed

A biking revolution is here

Best electric bikes 2020 article published in the Evening Standard, October 23rd by Rob Smith

From banana breads, to puzzles, lockdown reignited a passion for an array of weird and wonderful trends – but cycling may just have been the most ubiquitous of them all.

Bikes, and in particular electric or e-bikes, have become even more popular in the post-lockdown commuting world as the ideal solution to tube-related woes.

Rob Smith, Head of Partnerships at Smartech (the smart brand specialists behind Selfridges’ The Bike Shop) tells ES Best everything you need to know before making the investment and the best e-bikes to shop now.

What is an e-bike?

An electric bike (e-bike) is a regular bike with the addition of a motor to assist your progress. It is a hybrid form of transport meaning part of the power comes from the rider and part of it from the motor.
How do e-bikes work?

Generally speaking, e-bikes are bicycles with a battery-powered assist that comes via pedalling and, in some cases, a throttle.

When you push the pedals on a pedal-assist e-bike, a small motor engages and gives you a boost.

In addition to the pedal-assist feature, some e-bikes come with a throttle that engages the motor by pressing a button.

Why are e-bikes so expensive?

E-bikes vary in price but have more associated costs than traditional costs.

The motors used in e-bikes include highly engineered and technical parts. That being said, you get what you pay for, they are worth an investment and are certainly the post-lockdown transportation of choice.

How far do e-bikes go on one charge?

Anything from 50km to 400km, depending on the battery size.

There are other factors to consider, over and above the specified distance from the brand; everything from speed to rider weight to terrain style to wind conditions and even tire choice can impact an e-bike’s effective range on a single charge.

With distances varying hugely, it is important to select the e-bike with the travelling distance in mind.

How fast do e-bikes go?

The max speed limit for e-bikes in the UK is 15.5 miles per hour. Most e-bikes are capable of speeds faster than this but they are not suitable for road use.

Can you use e-bikes the rain?

Yes, you can in-fact use e-bikes in the rain, as most are made with water-resistant sealed components. We would always recommend care and attention is given to your e-bike after it has been out in the rain; such as a wipe down with a soft cloth and the use of wet sponge to remove dirt and debris.

What they say about Trefecta in Best electric bikes 2020

This is THE ultimate performance e-bike. The DRT Off-road is the untamed beast. The absence of any compromise ensures this e-bike transcends all that has come before it. Questions of purpose seem irrelevant after experiencing the performance off-road. Every inch is optimised to perfection. Every piece of material the best of its sort. One of the most luxurious and quickest bikes on the market. Simply put, stunning.

Read the whole article from the Evening Standard online here

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Only this week and especially for Black Friday we now offer 2 Trefecta DRT PROs from our stock with more than 30% discount and with 5 years factory warrantee on frame and powertrain for € 17’500 each. Order now and you can ride it during the holidays!

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Large eBike Capacity Battery

We keep you riding

The making and braking of any electric vehicle is its range so you want a ebike that delivers a range long enough for your rides at the power levels you want.

Stored inside a lockable compartment in the upper front the frame your Trefecta is powered by a 60-volt lithium-ion battery-pack. Providing enough power for up to 62 miles (100 km) of range without any pedaling and up to 124 miles (200 km) with assisted pedaling (depending on the model selected). Opening up whole new areas to explore which were previously inaccessible.

The powerful motor in combination with the high-capacity battery will help you overcome even the steepest hills and you’ll enjoy the perfect off-road ride or an easy commute in the city.

Specifically designed for the demanding military and police environment the Trefecta Battery Pack allows a quick and repeated removal from the bike for external charging. The battery charges in about three hours when plugged in to 100%, and with the Trefecta DRT/URB a regenerative braking system adds some charging on the move.

The Battery Pack is equipped with 140 x 18650 high quality cells individually protected by BMS CE/UN certified for transport via airfreight. This unique feature was reaffirmed by Porsche Formula E when they required battery packs to power their brake cooling fans during pitstops. We were the only company in the world able to offer them a turnkey solution ready for airfreight!

Naturally the large number of cells and their specific output in combination with the TQ 120 mid-drive motor guarantees long range even at the highest support setting.

How do you plan to use your Trefecta eBike? We are exited to offer you our help in selecting and tailoring the right solution for your personal eBike requirements. Please check out our current model range and contact us directly. While looking forward to hearing from you we thank you for your interest in the Trefecta family of special purpose eBikes.

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US regulation change eBike

Electric (mountain)bikes permitted on cycling routes in the USA

A recent change in ruling on electric bikes in the USA by the Department of Interior increases recreational opportunities through the use of electric bikes.

This new US regulation change eBike more clearly defines electric bicycles and no longer describes them as motor vehicles. This gives local land managers the authority to to regulate e-bikes the same as traditional bikes on non-motorized trails. This new rule applies to federal public lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management, National Park Service, Fish and Wildlife Service and Bureau of Reclamation.

In general:

  • Electric bicycles are no longer defined as motor vehicles or off-road vehicles, but are properly defined within three classes.
  • Electric bicycle riders have similar rights, privileges and duties as traditional bicycle riders.
  • Local land managers can authorize some or all classes of electric bicycles on roads, paths and trails where bicycles are allowed.
  • Local land managers maintain significant control, in partnership with the public, to make access decisions.

The new ruling makes more roads and paths accessible and the opportunity to experience a challenging road or trail has become accessible to a larger target group.

Trefecta welcomes the US regulation change eBike of the U.S. Department of Interior making a major change to the regulations governing the use of electric bicycles by no longer classifying eBikes as motor vehicles and putting them on a par with regular bicycles. This beter defines their use on public land and allows local land managers the authority to permit their use on non-motorized trails!

This naturally supports the multi purpose nature of our Trefecta family of eBikes, allowing you to easily commute to work during the week, while having the power, range and all terrain capability and durability to tackle the rough stuff during the weekend.

How do you plan to use your Trefecta eBike? We are exited to offer you our help in selecting and tailoring the right solution for your personal eBike requirements. Please check out our current model range and contact us directly for any questions. While looking forward to hearing from you we thank you for your interest in the Trefecta family of special purpose eBikes.”

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The wait is almost over! – Trefecta RDR ready for delivery

The wait is almost over! After some delay in production due to delayed delivery of various parts due to the Covid pandemic, all parts are now in and the final assembly can begin! We expect to start shipping the first Trefecta RDRs to their new owner by the end of the month. Want to drive a Trefecta RDR before Christmas? Order yours here
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Trefecta Selfridges Bike Shop

Did you spot us at The Bike Shop Officiall at Selfridges London Corner Shop? In this bike shop of the future the most pioneering brands in cycling for both leisure and extreme adrenaline are on display!

” There couldn’t be a better time to open The Bike Shop at Selfridges. As we emerge from lockdown, we’ve seen an increased focus on health and wellness, looking after the environment, and, most importantly, safety. E-bikes speak to all these concerns, and customers can expect to find the ultimate edit of the most innovative brands of tomorrow, today.”

– Rob Smith, Head of Partnerships at Smartech

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