You can ride the future

Westworld's Cool E-Bike? It's a Trefecta!

Did you see the third season of HBO’s Westworld recently and spot Aaron Paul on a sweet, appropriately futuristic e-bike? Unlike many of the products seen on screen in the show’s vision of the future, this bike exists in our world and you can order one right now.

Team Trefecta

Nothing comes even close

Trefecta DRT

The DRT Off-road is the untamed beast. The absence of any compromise ensures this e-bike transcends all that has come before it. After experiencing the capabilities of the off-road, its purpose becomes irrelevant. Every inch optimized to perfection.

Starting from € 23.500

A powerful alternative

Trefecta RDR

Looking for a more affordable version of our flagship the DRT? The Trefecta RDR also has been designed to have the capability of tackling almost any terrain thanks to sophisticated suspension, a powerful motor with an unusually large battery and the ability to carry heavy loads.

Starting from € 9.990


For our Westworld fans we have a special offer. Order your Trefecta RDR now pay € 999 and pay the rest when we are ready for delivery.

Just select ‘Trefecta RDR instalment plan’ on your order form

In the News

Worldwide we are receiving a lot of attention in the media form our collaboration with HBO WestWorld. The general conclusion: That gnarly electric bike from ‘Westworld’ is actually real, and you can order it right now

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Why Choose the Trefecta RDR?


1480 wh battery pack with integrated BMS CE/UN certified.


Range of up to 180 km (110 miles).

45 km / h

Motor assistance up to 45 km /h (28 mph).


ApplePlay prepared dock.