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Intellectual Property Rights

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Specific software available on the Site

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The Software is warranted, if at all, only according to the terms of the License Agreement. Except as may thus be warranted in the License Agreement, Trefecta Mobilityhereby disclaims all warranties with regard to the Software, including all implied warranties and conditions of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, title and non-infringement.


We have composed the content of this website with the greatest possible care. However, the website is only provided for informative purposes. Trefecta does not guarantee that the content of the website is correct, up-to-date and complete, that the website will work interruptedly and/or will be error-free. Information on the website may contain technical inaccuracies or typographical errors.

As far as permitted by law, Trefecta excludes any liability for any damage, direct and/or indirect, in any way created by and/or arising from your use of the website or another website linked to the website. More in particular, Trefecta will in any case not be liable for any damage, which is created in any way and/or arises from: (i) acts performed by you, which would have been induced by the information placed on the website; (ii) the impossibility to use the website; and (iii) the fact that particular information on the website is incorrect, incomplete or not up-to-date.

Any warranties and representations regarding products or services that you purchase or use will be subject exclusively to the agreed upon terms and conditions in the contract for such products or services.

Information on the website may contain references to Trefecta Mobility products and services which are not announced or available in your country. Such references do not imply that Trefecta Mobility intends to announce or make available such products and services in your country. Please also note that certain products and services may only be available at extra costs and that some of the information on the website may not be correct due to product changes having occurred after the launch or latest update of the website. Please contact Trefecta or a Trefecta Mobility dealer for complete details regarding the products and services being available to you.

Trefecta may change or terminate the website at its own discretion and at any moment desired by it or have it changed or terminated, without any prior notification. Trefecta is not liable for the consequences of any change or termination. Further, please note that Trefecta Mobility reserves the right to at any time make changes to its products and services, including their prices.

Websites Linked to the Website

The website may contain references (for example by means of hyperlinks, banners or buttons) to other websites. We are not responsible for these other websites or for the information included therein.

Information and Material Provided by You

If you provide any information or other material to us, you agree that we may use this. You guarantee that the information or material does not infringe the intellectual property or other rights of third parties or is unlawful in any other way.

Responsible disclosure

Trefecta thinks the security of the website is very important. Despite the care we have taken to ensure security, an existing vulnerability may be found or a new one may arise somehow.

Have you found a security flaw in our website? You might have accidentally run across one in the normal operation of this site, or perhaps you have been actively trying to find vulnerability. In either case, please let us know, so we can take action as soon as possible. This is not an invitation to extensively scan and test our site for weaknesses. We can and are doing this ourselves. We would like to work with you to further improve the security of our site. We will always take your notifications seriously and will look into any suspected vulnerabilities.

In return we ask you to:

  • mail your findings to as soon as possible;
  • provide sufficient information to replicate the problem, so we can fix it as soon as possible;
    the IP address or the URL is generally sufficient, along with a description of the vulnerability, but for more complex vulnerabilities we may need more information;
  • not run tests that attack via physical security, social engineering, or third-party applications;
  • not run brute force or denial of service attacks;
  • not exploit the vulnerability to, for example, change or delete data, or install malware;
  • not share the problem with others until we have fixed it;
  • not copy data from our systems, other than what’s absolutely necessary to demonstrate the leak;
  • leave your contact data (e-mail address and phone number), so we can get in touch and work with you to fix the problem.

 We promise:

  • to respond to your notification within three working days, with an evaluation of your report and an expected date for a solution;
  • to treat your report confidentially: we will not share your personal information without your consent, except to the police and the judiciary if a police report is made or if this information is legally required;
  • to keep you informed of our progress in solving the problem;
  • to include your name as the discoverer of the vulnerability in any news reports, if you wish;
  • that an accidental discovery of a vulnerability will not lead to legal charges against you, as long as you play by the rules and act in the spirit of responsible disclosure;
  • as a token of our gratitude, we will give you a T-shirt for each report of a problem not yet known to us; we know this is not a big reward, but we do not want to stimulate active scanning for vulnerabilities.

Unsolicited ideas

Trefecta Mobility appreciates to get input from its community and welcomes comments and feedback related to Trefecta Mobility products and services. However, it is Trefecta Mobility policy to not accept or otherwise consider information (such as ideas, proposals, suggestion and comments) other than such that Trefecta Mobilityhas explicitly requested. This policy is intended to avoid misunderstandings or disputes since new products, services, features, business models etc. are continuously developed by Trefecta Mobility or its suppliers which may be similar or identical to the ideas or information of others, even if developed without any inspiration from such ideas or information of others.

If, despite Trefecta Mobility’s request that you do not send information to Trefecta Mobility, you still send Trefecta Mobility information, such as an idea, proposal, suggestion, comment etc., (collectively the “Submission”) you agree, regardless of any reservations made by you in an accompanying letter or otherwise:

  • that the Submission or parts of it shall be deemed non-confidential and non-proprietary;
  • that Trefecta Mobilityshall have no obligations (contractual or otherwise, including, but not limited to, obligations to review, respond to or otherwise process the Submission and/or to keep the Submission confidential) with respect to the Submission or parts of it;
  • that Trefecta Mobility shall have no liability for any use or disclosure of the Submission, or parts of it; and
  • that Trefecta Mobility shall be entitled to unrestricted use in any way of the Submission or parts of it for any purpose whatsoever, commercial or otherwise, without any consideration or compensation to you.