Trefecta – Mark Blundell

A positive review of the Trefecta DRT from Mark Blundell, former F1 driver and winner of the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Someone who experienced technology and performance at the highest level. That means a lot!

For more than three decades Mark Blundell has honed his expertise in the upper echelons of elite global sport, firstly in a professional sporting career, then TV pundit and in more recent years, as a successful businessman.

Mark enjoyed a distinguished career at the very top of the sport. 61 starts in Formula One brought multiple podium finishes whilst racing for the likes of McLaren, Brabham, Ligier and Tyrrell across a golden era for the sport. Alongside his Formula One duties, Mark enjoyed immense sportscar success most notably taking a memorable pole position at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1990 before taking the outright victory in 1992.

​Mark Blundell also became one of the very first British drivers to enjoy a great deal of success in the United States, taking on the very best that IndyCar had to offer enjoying multiple wins along the way.

Stepping away from elite racing, Mark was a part of ITV’s BAFTA-award winning Formula One coverage from 2003 to 2008 and has established himself as one of Europe’s most recognised motorsport managers through his role as CEO of market-leading sports management group, MB Partners.

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Trefecta at Bright

DEFLAB, an exihibition of modern technology to prepare us for threats of the future. Over 3,000 young visitors went to the National Military Museum in Soest, the Netherlands for a glimpse into the world of defense technology.

The Ministry of Defense did a great job of allowing visitors to experience how technology connects the armed forces and society. From a mini-drone that explores the battlefield, an exoskeleton, hydrogen transport, 3d-print material from recycled uniforms and off course the ultimate e-bike, the TREFECTA.

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Investing in a sustainable future

Hard work, vision and dedication have led to the development and production of an ultimate eBike: the Trefecta DRT and URB series. We believe in the combination of function, power and design in delivering the perfect mobility solution for a sustainable future. Not only for professional use under extreme conditions, but also for everyday use by any biker, on and off road. This video makes clear that ROBECO and Trefecta share a vision for the future – we are proud to be chosen as a perfect example of combining sustainability and performance. Now is the time to invest in our future – become a Trefecta partner!

A special thanks to ROBECO, for their beautiful promo on sustainable investment.

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Ultimate Forces Challenge

The Ultimate Forces Challenge is a unique outdoor sports and survival competition designed to test a number of physical disciplines and exercises to challenge the contenders skills and perseverance. Trefecta supported one of the tests with the Trefecta DRT on the beautiful beach of Bali.

Visit for more information the UFC website here

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Forest rangers enthusiastic about Trefecta

In the first 2 weeks of July the forest rangers from Staatsbosbeheer on Terschelling will be riding on the Trefecta eBike. Both in the forest and on the beach environmentally friendly, durable and fossil-free! All in the context of the Elfwegentocht which is an initiative to challenge everyone in the province of Friesland and the Dutch Wadden Islands to travel on non-fossil fuels for two weeks.

Ranger Saskia Vis-Smit was one of the first to try the Trefecta: “Super experience this afternoon on the Trefecta, what a power in the terrain”

Van 1-14 juli rijden de boswachters van Staatsbosbeheer op Terschelling op de Trefecta eBike. Zowel in het bos als op het strand milieuvriendelijk en met gemak duin op en af. Duurzaam en fossielvrij! Dit in het kader van de De Elfwegentocht, een initiatief om iedereen in de provincie Friesland en de Waddeneilanden uit te dagen twee weken op niet-fossiele brandstoffen te reizen.

Boswachter Saskia Vis-Smit was een van de eersten die de Trefecta mocht uitproberen: “Super ervaring vanmiddag op de Trefecta, wat een kracht in het terrein”



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Testimonial Film Haiko Visser Part 3: The Concept

Trefecta created a series of testimonial videos where we introduce the people behind our prestigious e-bike. Owner and founder of Trefecta Mobility Haiko Visser has explained about the name and the idea in the first two versions. In his last testimonial video Haiko elaborates about the unique Trefecta concept and the technology behind it.

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BILD on Trefecta

The Trefecta e-bike has not gone unnoticed in Germany. As the home country of many of our engineers it has always been close. Recently, we shot a cool video with Pedelec Adventures in Berlin. This time BILD did a piece on the Trefecta.

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Testimonial Film: Norbert Haller

Trefecta created a series of testimonial videos where we introduce the people behind our prestigious e-bike. This edition puts forward Norbert Haller, our Design Director from Berlin. As a former German champion downhill cycling, bikes are in his DNA. But perhaps he’s even better in creating bikes, than he is in riding them.

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We Are Trefecta

At Trefecta, we’re on a constant journey for the ultimate combination of technology, mobility and connectivity. We explore, redefine, simplify. Accepting no compromise in our quest for complete freedom. With only one defining result:

A new category e-bike.

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