Getting Fit and Healthy with an Electric Bike

Wondering if it’s even possible to get fit with an electric bike?

Getting more exercise is most likely on a lot of New Years resolutions lists for 2021. Especially since the COVID-19 pandemic forced us to stay indoors more in 2020.

Cycling is a healthy and accessible way to exercise and get fit(ter) quickly and an eBike can certainly help, although many don’t think so and even call it ‘cheating’. Unfortunately, that opinion is anything but correct. With the right knowledge and technology, almost anyone at any skill level can train fantastically on an eBike. Various studies have proven it! In one of the studies the University of Colorado asked 20 persons with an inactive lifestyle to take an electric bicycle to work at least three times a week. They wore a heart rate monitor and GPS monitor. Various health and fitness parameters were measured both before and after the experiment. After four weeks, blood sugar levels and muscle power were found to be significantly improved. Fat mass and blood pressure had also evolved positively.

What are the benefits?

Biking is one of the best cardio workout options for the average person. With low-to-no impact biking uses all your major muscle groups and improves joint mobility. Like all exercise riding an electric bike will improve your cardiovascular fitness, the efficiency of your heart, lungs, and blood pressure.

One of the big advantages of using an eBike is that you can get as little or as much exercise as you like. Even if you have not exercised for many years, or have health barriers and challenges, an electric bike allows you to exercise without putting excessive strain on your joints and muscles, so that you can safely build your strength and fitness.

Riding an eBike is almost always going to be easier than riding a bike that requires 100 percent human-power. It puts longer and more challenging trails within your reach and can make you feel more confident knowing backup power is available if your muscles or lungs become exhausted halfway.

Who is choosing an eBike?

It is not only ‘out-of-shape’ people who choose an eBike, also sporty and energetic enthusiasts who want to replace the car or want to do a long hard drive on the weekend. And there is a generation of younger mountain bikers interested in the extra range and power the eBike offers.

Experienced riders often choose eBikes to explore new areas they couldn’t reach in a normal trip at 100% human power in the time given, by covering more distance in the same amount of time with an eBike. Or the eBike gave them access to otherwise unreachable terrain due to its additional power.

E-bikes also allow riders with physical limitations to access otherwise unreachable terrain, and allow riders recovering from injuries to bike earlier in their recovery. If you can’t ride like you used to, eBikes are an awesome solution. You are still getting plenty of exercise and enjoying being outside, but the assist makes it more accessible and relieves pressure on your joints and muscles.

Electric bicycles result in more exercise.

Electric bikes don’t mean a free ride. You still have to pedal. While no doubt that regular bikes burn more calories per hour than with an eBike, it also gives you more energy for a longer ride, which ultimately burns more calories than a shorter ride!

The idea is to work together with the eBike rather than letting it do all the work for you. There are even specific training programs to help you to get the best use of your electric bike.

Riding an eBike and particularly a Trefecta is an excellent way to get fit and a whole lot of fun!

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