BluBrake ABS for an exiting yet safe riding experience

Trefecta Mobility is happy to announce its partnership with BluBrake. Both companies are driven by innovation and are the top in technology and engineering, with the aim to create the ultimate e-bike.

BluBrake is a leading company that develops and produces advanced mechatronic systems focused on braking and sensing applications for bicycles, in particular e-bikes. Their anti-lock braking system (ABS) weighs only 600 grams and will be integrated into the TREFECTA eBike’s frame. This will drastically increase safety by reducing the risk of: front wheel lock-up, rear wheel lifting and the bike flipping over as well as improving overall stability and manoeuvrability during braking.

The control unit monitors the dynamics of the e-bike via sophisticated algorithms and accurate measurements from the rotation sensor. It automatically detects potentially dangerous conditions that can occur during hard braking. In such conditions, BluBrake’s ABS intervenes and continuously controls the hydraulic pressure of the front brake to guarantee smoother braking and increased stability and manoeuvrability of the e-bike on asphalt and off-road.

This unique interaction between TREFECTA and BluBrake contributes immensely to the continuous development of the TREFECTA eBike model program by providing an exiting yet safe riding experience customisable for all use cases.

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