Trefecta and White Label Events: driving the most amazing roads

Trefecta Mobility is happy to announce its partnership with White Label Events. Both companies offer, in their own way, an inspiring experience for fans of technology, speed and exclusivity. Two luxury brands striving to deliver a seamless and inspirational experience to their clients.

White Label Events is a small, flexible, end-to-end event planner that cater for every event, no matter how large or creative for the world’s leading brands to elite individuals.

With the 106 Drivers Club, founded in 2012 by Ray Bellm, they host unique automotive adventures for the McLaren F1 to celebrate anniversaries of the iconic car. Enabling owners to enjoy their cars in a social environment in luxury destinations. With these automotive adventures, they created and execute luxury, social driving events where like-minded people share their passion and experiences in incredible locations across the world.

Trefecta will sponsor two Pro Edition Trefecta DRT’s for White Label Events to use by the team during the RING ROAD, Iceland 2019 drive. Driving the most amazing roads with stunning scenery and fast cars. And you will see the special White Label Events Trefecta bikes during their appearances in several events in the UK, Monaco and during the Formula E – Electric Street Racing Series.

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