Trefecta Test Day

What will it take to crack the Trefecta e-bike? Together with some professional downhill riders, the Trefecta team retreated to the hills of Hellendoorn to find an answer to that question and many others. Every inch of the bike was tested during these days and the results have been splendid.

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Testimonial Film Haiko Visser Part 1: The Idea

Trefecta created a series of testimonial videos where we introduce the people behind our prestigious e-bike. First up is instigator and founder of Trefecta Mobility, Haiko Visser. In this first part he expands on the idea for the Trefecta and the road until now.

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Trefecta A Silent Beast

Uncrate is an online and print magazine that describes itself as “the leading buyer’s guide for men”. Naturally, Trefecta not being mentioned on it is not a reality we can live with. According to Uncrate “This isn’t your average Grand Theft noisemaker of a bike. In fact, the Trefecta DRT Electric Dirt Bike doesn’t make any noise at all.” A silent beast.

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Beauty is in the eye of the expert

Trefecta has never been about relishing the wind in your hair, while powering through the streets, with 70 km / h. Ok it has, but not exclusively. Trefecta is also about building bikes that look stunning. The aesthetics of our products is just as important as its performance. We’ve got this teaser film we shot to prove it.

This aspect of Trefecta was recently celebrated by on one of the world’s leading online design magazines, Designboom. A pleasant recognition that our e-bike is also highly enjoyable when it’s merely standing still.

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Trefecta Downhill

Trefecta Mobility takes downhill riding to a whole new level. The combination of lightweight agility and powerful performance specifications results in a thrill on the mountain that’s unsurpassed in the field. Norbert Haller, Trefecta’s Design Director and former German champion downhill cycling, got on the bike in the mountains of Monaco. It was hard to get him off again.

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BBC Test Trefecta

The BBC has been interested in Trefecta to say the least putting us in their ‘Fascinating’ segment. Now, they wanted to take it for a spin themselves to see if all the specs and big talk were all in place.

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Yachts & Trefecta

From the first beginnings of the development of the Trefecta, its usability for yacht owners has always been of high priority. It’s actually one of the main reasons we decided the foldability feature was a must-have. Luckily, our efforts have not gone to waste. Sponsored magazine ‘Yacht Traveller’ joins the bandwagon and recognises Trefecta as ‘the future of electric bikes’.

Download the PDF to read the full article.

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Berlin Trefected

Last June, German-based Pedelec Adventures have set out to explore the limits of the Trefecta e-bike. Against the beautiful backdrop of the city of Berlin, three experienced test riders explored its urban capabilities. Their film ‘Berlin Trefected’ was featured on the Eurobike tradeshow.

Download the PDF for their full press release.

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